How to Travel the World and Get Paid (How I Did It for a Decade)


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Are you tired of the 9-to-5 grind and yearning for adventure? Do you dream of exploring exotic destinations while getting paid? Well, it’s not just a fantasy – it’s a reality that many people are living. In this blog post, I will share my personal journey and provide you with valuable insights on how to travel the world and get paid.

1. Become a Digital Nomad

In this digital age, the world is your office. Thanks to the internet, you can work remotely from anywhere in the world. Embrace the freedom of being a digital nomad and take advantage of the countless remote job opportunities available.

Whether you’re a writer, graphic designer, programmer, or marketer, there are remote jobs tailored to your skill set. Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and are great platforms to find remote work. Build your online presence, showcase your portfolio, and start applying for remote jobs that align with your expertise.

2. Teach English Abroad

If you have a passion for teaching and want to immerse yourself in different cultures, consider teaching English abroad. English is in high demand worldwide, and many countries are willing to pay handsomely for qualified English teachers.

Obtaining a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification will enhance your chances of landing a well-paying job. Countries like South Korea, Japan, China, and Thailand offer excellent opportunities for English teachers. Not only will you get paid to travel, but you’ll also have the chance to make a positive impact on the lives of your students.

3. Work on a Cruise Ship

If you have a sense of adventure and enjoy the open seas, working on a cruise ship can be a fantastic way to travel the world and get paid. Cruise lines are always looking for talented individuals to fill various positions, including entertainment, hospitality, and customer service.

Working on a cruise ship not only provides you with the opportunity to explore multiple destinations but also offers a unique work environment and the chance to meet people from all walks of life. Check out websites like CruiseShipJobs or AllCruiseJobs for available positions and start your journey towards a life on the high seas.

4. Start a Travel Blog or Vlog

If you have a knack for storytelling and a passion for travel, starting a travel blog or vlog can be a rewarding way to document your adventures and earn an income. While it may take time to build a loyal following, with dedication and quality content, you can monetize your blog through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and brand collaborations.

Share your travel experiences, provide valuable tips and insights, and engage with your audience. As your blog or vlog grows, you may even have the opportunity to partner with tourism boards and travel companies who will sponsor your trips.

5. Become a Tour Guide

If you have in-depth knowledge of a specific destination or region, consider becoming a tour guide. This allows you to share your passion for travel while getting paid to explore your favorite places. Whether it’s leading hiking tours in the Swiss Alps or guiding historical tours in Rome, being a tour guide offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in different cultures and interact with fellow travel enthusiasts.

Research tour guide certification programs and join professional associations to enhance your credibility. Websites like Viator and ToursByLocals connect travelers with local guides, making it easier for you to find clients and start your journey as a tour guide.


Traveling the world while getting paid is not just a pipe dream. With the right mindset and a bit of creativity, you can turn your wanderlust into a sustainable lifestyle. Whether you choose to become a digital nomad, teach English abroad, work on a cruise ship, start a travel blog or vlog, or become a tour guide, the possibilities are endless.

Embrace the freedom of a location-independent career, immerse yourself in different cultures, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Remember, the world is your oyster – go out there and explore it!


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